Want To Be More Successful? You Should Follow This Rule To Manage Your Time.


How well do you understand the concept of time? Is it an illusion? Is it something that is man-made that we live our lives by purely to get into a routine? Shouldn’t we know and understand time, seeing as we have been spending decades trying to manage it efficiently?

In a typical day, we would wake in the morning and run through schedules in our heads. This allows us to not only schedule, but also prioritize all tasks that need to be done. Once your daily planner is planned, you’re basically ready to tackle the day.

However, by the end of the day we tend to feel overwhelmed and a little confused as to why we haven’t achieved everything we set out to do in the day. Why? Maybe our sense of time management is not as efficient as we think it is.

Understanding Time

 Simply put, time is when things happen. We always tend to limit our definition of time to a clock, but time is much more sophisticated in the sense that there is clock time and real time.

Clock time is what we know – where time is depicted with hours, minutes and seconds. With regards to clock time, this is where we know time to pass equally, for example, when someone turns 18 years old, they turn exactly 18, no more, no less. However with real time, time is seen as relative. So an hour spent at the gym can feel like 2 years, and 6 hours at the beach can feel like 10 minutes and so on.

Are you living according to clock time or real time?

So, if there are two different spheres of time, which one are you living in? The key here is to remember that clock time is by the book and real time is mental and it is created and managed by you. So, as creativity goes, anything you create has the ability to be managed and controlled by you holistically. When you need to get things done, especially under pressure, it is important to start using real time and not clock time. This way, you will never have the need to say “I don’t have enough time” or “this isn’t the right time to do this”.

Time should be spent wisely

You time should be spent and split according to your thoughts, conversations and actions. This will occur in any occupation that you may be in, and to be better understand this, is to avoid time scheduling according to clock time. Rather focus on tasks at hand by using thoughts to create the necessary tasks. Use conversations to help plan out these tasks and finally actions to complete the tasks.

Time management with real time can be done using the following tips:


  • Keep a notebook with you and try to write down all your thoughts, conversations and actions for the week. This will give you an idea of how much time you need allocated to tasks.
  • Allow time for interruptions and unplanned delays on tasks.
  • Spent half your time committed to tasks that yield the most results.
  • Assign time to conversations and actions that are imperative to your success only.
  • Keep a mindset that it is impossible to complete everything, there will be delays and adjustments along the way.

By using real time, your mind can now plan tasks according to your time and not a clock time frame as we usually do. Use measurable results and learn from them to help plan time in the future and make sure that you are disciplined enough to stick to your guidelines and process in order to achieve success in time management.

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Want To Be More Successful? You Should Follow This Rule To Manage Your Time.

by Alex Baca time to read: 2 min