5 Essential Formulas To Best Use Instagram For Your Business

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Looking to start using Instagram for your Business? Instagram has become one of the most popular photo sharing apps across the globe. Owned by Facebook since 2012, the visual giant has quickly become a strategic and effective way for brands to be in touch with their fans, on a more light-hearted note.

So how can brands use Instagram to not only reach the right target audiences, but to also engage with them on a light-hearted note ?


Create content that is visually stunning, with even more enticing captions

This beauty of a platform is all about the eye and the scroll – so don’t be shy to go over and above with your photography skills. Add photos, videos or stories that are compelling and related to specific days of the week or holidays, or industry-related trends.


Create effective captions

Use hashtags to gain good exposure to new audiences, make sure that these hashtags are not too long, and are already popular. For example, you will find #CatsOfInstagram is extremely popular, but #LookAtMyCuteCatHere isn’t a popular or commonly used type of hashtag. Also make sure that your captions aren’t too long and drawn out as many users don’t bother to click the read more button. Keep it short, punchy and effective. After all, this platform is all about the visuals.


Start using Instagram for business stories 

These are pieces of content that disappear after a 24 hours. They usually appear as images or short videos that come up on the top of your feed and if you click on them, they are short stories that can be viewed for 24 hours. You can also use live video where your followers get alerted on any live video you may be having. This is effective for events, awards or product launches. Still curious? Ash from buffer social has a great examples of how to implement stories


Mobile, mobile and more mobile

Remember that even though you may be able to access Instagram on your desktop, the platform was built for mobile-first. So when you develop any visuals, ensure that they are set to mobile spec and keep your content short, most people never open Instagram on their desktops.


Interact with your Business Instagram followers

Interact with people on Instagram by direct messaging them or even better tagging them in posts. Tagging works well, and should be used in conjunction with an engagement strategy with a competition mechanism whenever possible you can. People love to win things, and if you want your brand and content to go viral, this is definitely a solution to do it – if your prize is fun enough it’s bound to be shared!


Ads on Instagram

You can set ads via Facebook for your Instagram profile. These ads can either be photo, video or carousel ads. The carousel ads work much like the Facebook carousel ads and each of your ads will have calls-to-actions of your choice. We’ve got a much better description of Facebook ads and techniques here. Remember, A/B testing of your ads are always a good idea, and let the one that performs better run another week or so, you will be amazed at the results!


With Instagram as a platform, you want to be compelling, exclusive and professional at the same time. Let loose and have a bit of fun with this one!

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5 Essential Formulas To Best Use Instagram For Your Business

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