Facebook, your primary digital marketing channel


If you’re an entrepreneur, you may already have a social media presence, or perhaps you are looking to start this up soon. Either way, social media marketing is absolutely key to your business’s success and should be taken very seriously.

When planning out a marketing strategy, you will need to look at what types of platforms you would like to use to gain brand awareness, interest, desire and action which is eventually conversion and build your ROI.

Here are a few reasons why you, as an entrepreneur should be using Facebook to advertise your products or services:


  • Custom targeted audiences on Facebook

Unlike other social media channels out there, Facebook allows you to use their custom audience tool to build audiences based on lists of contacts you may have. This could be email addresses, phone numbers, UIDs etc. All these lists can be created as custom audiences on Facebook and targeted accordingly.

  • Get bang for your buck with maximum visibility

If you are looking to launch your business online, you want to fish where the fish are- so why not facebook ? Almost everyone has a FB account ! Leading the pack on the social media channel subscribers, Facebook is the easiest and best platform to try to build brand awareness.

What’s more? Advertising on Facebook is cheaper than platforms like Google and Facebook native video ads are cheaper than YouTube ads.

  • Brand awareness in early stages

Facebook has the ability to work as a PR mechanism for your business. This can be done by setting an ad and using brand awareness as the objective. This uses reach as a metric and tries to spread your ad through the chosen audience as far as possible, giving you a solid reach volume in comparison to spend.

  • Facebook Live

We’ve all seen it and all get notifications about people and even brands being “live on Facebook”. With video being the absolute champion on the web, Facebook Live has naturally taken the world wide web by storm. These are often shared and go viral with people rather easily, if your creative concept is strong enough. Look at integral ways of getting people to tune in, for example, behind-the-scenes shoots and event promotions.

  • Chatbots

Create structured messages within Facebook messenger that can include imagery, links and calls to action buttons. Brands are now able to design bots so that the conversation with their customer and fan can be as instantaneous as possible. The best part is that you don’t even need to be there ! Put your minion chatbots to work !

At the end of the day, Facebook is a no-brainier and Entrepreneurs should be taking advantage of Facebook to find and grow their audience, build two-way conversations and create loyal fans who one day, will become your best customers .










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Facebook, your primary digital marketing channel

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