5 Must Know Strategies to Convert Website Visitors Into Customers

How to Convert Website Visitors into Customers

As a business owner, you may find that paid search has become one of the strongest methods to acquire customers. The potential reach, speed as well as cost effectiveness of PPC advertising makes it a must have. But what happens after the user has visited your website? How do you get them to stick around, come back or even convert website visitors into new customers?

Linking brand awareness to conversion

It all starts with Pay-per-click advertising. PPC ads mean just that –> you pay per every advert that is clicked on. This means that you spend money every time someone clicks and your objective is to convert when they click through. The key to getting a potential customer to become a lead or even better, a repeat customer, is to build relationships with the person. This is best done via loyalty marketing strategies such as email marketing.

Email marketing helps by:

  • Helping your customers be more informed about your products and services
  • Getting your company to understand what customers are specifically interested in
  • Offering valuable information to the customer about the products and services with content prior to purchase
  • Starting to get customers used to building a relationship with your brand prior to leads going cold

So the key to having synergy between pay-per-click advertising and email marketing is that the ongoing communication starts to build relationships. Below are a few tips on how to best utilise this strategy:

Collect email addresses of website visitors

Try to keep your visitors engaged by collecting their email addresses in exchange for something of value. I can’t stress this enough, most visitors will not appreciate the popup asking for their personal information. Instead position it as a free resource so valuable that they would be foolish to say no to.  Offer something specific to the traffic you are sending to your page. A great example of this can be seen on Melitta Campbell’s landing page. She’s targeting female entrepreneurs looking at entering the business world. In exchange for your email address she offers “A Shy Girls Guide to Networking”. A must have for her target audience stepping into the business world.

Your pay-per-click ads should drive to a dedicated landing page

When you drive people to a dedicated landing page, you will find that they click-through and convert quicker. This is due to the fact that landing page content is already crafted and geared to exactly what the consumer is looking for. They are then in turn much more likely to interact with your website, whether it means filling in a contact form or subscribing to your newsletter.
This also allows you to start split testing. Meaning you can begin comparing multiple versions of a web page (landing page) to find out which one converts visitors best.

Look at re-engaging new sign ups

This is where the real work begins. Although it might not be immediately apparent, it’s quite a big effort for someone to fill in their details and choose to receive content from you on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. So when you get new subscribers, you really need to treat them like absolute gold. Analyze ever signup to gain insights on what they enjoy, why they are interested in your brand, and then start the two-way dialogue by incentivising them from early on. Mail them on their birthday, remind them of upgrades, anniversaries or any industry-related days in the year. Give away more quality stuff. Actually give away 90% of your best stuff ! Contrary to what you might think, this will position yourself as an expert in your audiences mind and push them to lean, ask or buy more.  🙂


By creating a strategy of human-to-human marketing, you will be building brand equity, loyalty and advocacy over time. Start looking at long-term relationships over your website being just a one-hit-wonder lead gen avenue.

Once again, building your list to convert website visitors is just the beginning. What else do you think you can do to bring back your visitors and ultimately, convert them to clients ? Looking forward to seeing your thoughts in the comments.

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5 Must Know Strategies to Convert Website Visitors Into Customers

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