Building your first website: A project with Swiss entrepreneurs pt. 1


Good Morning People of Switzerland ! I’m going to keep this post relatively short and just outline what we talked about during the livestream.

Registering your domain.

There are hundreds if not thousands of domain registrars out there. But the one that continuously stands out to me is GoDaddy. They have some really awesome support staff and have a much more “Human” approach to customer care.

Managing your DNS.

Your domain name’s DNS settings is kinda like your control centere. This is the place where you’ll be connecting your website, email and all other types of services. My favorite one here is CloudFlare. Cloudflare has, in my opinion, the easiest/most user friendly DNS management system and will also serve as a CDN to your website (more on that in part 2).

Choosing a Host.

Just like domain registrars, there are thousands of web hosts. As a general rule of thumb the cheaper the host, the worse it’s going to be. Simply put there are NO/ZERO/NADA/0% GOOD CHEAP HOSTS. I’d also recommend avoiding all hosts owned by EIG. As sad as it is EIG has a reputation of ruining good hosting companies, you can read more about the massive empire of EIG hosting companies here:

My go to’s for hosting are; WPEngine, Flywheel and my all time favorite CloudWays. I’ve really been taken care of by cloudways, especially during my earlier days of web dev not knowing what I was doing. They have 24/7 live human support (emphasis on the human part) and often go out of their way to help you with questions that go beyond web hosting. There’s a ton of extra benefits to a good host but I’ll let you do your own research, in the meantime if you’re ready to setup with Cloudways you can do so from here:

Picking a theme, design, speed & seo.

We’ll cover most of the next topics in part two. Make sure to follow the swiss entrepreneurs group for the next workshop 😉

Hope you all enjoyed the stream !

– A

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Building your first website: A project with Swiss entrepreneurs pt. 1

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