4 Step Solution To Increasing Engagement Online

4 Step Solution To Increasing Engagement Online IMAGE MAN THINKING about creatorsofweb

Sometimes we focus so much on the marketing efforts that we forget to check who is reading our content on a daily basis. Who’s engaging with your content? Who does it actually resonate with? When looking for and writing to  your target audience, you need to start by making sure that you have a clear definition of who your target audience is.

Define your audience and tailor your content to ensure it resonates with your actual readers

Once you analyse whose really consuming your content, you will understand what they love and what they don’t. For example, your audience may love infographics and hate reams of long-winded articles. The message you’re trying to get across can be portrayed in many ways and should be showcased in the most effective way possible. Listen to your audience, ask their opinion and analyse results to ensure you’re working your content in the best way possible. Keep an eye out for what types of posts people respond the most to.

Develop personae based on whose already engaging with your content

You may find that your message resonates well with certain people and that it gains traction on specific channels, for example, videos tend to do well on Facebook. This kind of data and insight is gold and should be acted upon. Don’t be afraid to create personae based on users’ habits and preferences. This will help in creating content that is tailored for different types of people. You really shouldn’t be posting the same post for a mom with 3 kids versus a single man in their 20s.

How does your audience prefer to receive content from you?

Once you figure out how your audience behaves it’s time to act on it. Some content will want to be shared whilst other content will be commented on. Some users won’t connect with you on social media channels but prefer to receive content via email. The most effective content today is the content that is not “salesy” or intrusive. Use a social media tracking tools to ensure that you get the best insights on how people are reacting and consuming your content – this will in turn help you decide what content to create in the future.

How frequently does your audience interact with your content?

Time is everything (kinda) Your content schedule needs to be analyzed as you will notice difference in engagement depending on the time of the day. Not only should you post at specific times you should also post on a frequent schedule. By doing so users will be more and more dedicated. They will start to expect the next article or look forward to tomorrow’s one and you might even gain a new subscriber. This type of commitment to a brand is what we are all trying to achieve.

Frequency of interactions with your content will allow you to keep refining your target audience. So don’t be shy to experiment a little with the type of content you put out there. Know your audiences’ pain points and act on them to create high quality content that resonates with your audience.


Until you’ve experimented a little, finding the best way to increase engagement can be a guessing game, but after a few tries you will quickly start to notice a trend among certain types of articles  allowing you to get the best interactions, commitment and conversion of website visitors into customers. The key is to build engaging, exciting, committed and a long lasting relationships with your users.

4 Step Solution To Increasing Engagement Online

by Alex Baca time to read: 2 min