10 Tips for Connecting With Customers Online


When we as brands want to achieve the ultimate success online, we need to realize that it is not the sell that makes us successful. Instead, it’s the connection with users online. There are a ton of ways to get this done, and it’s simpler than you think. We’ve listed a few tips and tricks to get your brand connecting with people in an effective and memorable way below:

Connect through Instagram – correctly

We all love Instagram – the stunning visuals, easy scrolls and hashtags for days. But as a brand, how do you connect with people in a fun and real way?

  • Use Instagram to tell a story that is in-line with your brand and who you are.
  • Follow others in your niche and don’t be scared to interact with them.
  • Respond in a real way, people hate bot language so stay away from auto-responses.
  • Also, take it easy on the hashtags, you want to reach a decent audience but the right audience at the same time.
  • Don’t spam your followers and make sure that you’re not just pushing product – people love visuals on this platform, not an influx of product.


Give your love and attention to organic SEO

Yes, we often worry about branded websites and social media platforms, and forget about organic performance and activity. Use different techniques to measure your organic SEO performance and analyze this on a constant basis, so that you can constantly improve on it. For tips on how to achieve a good search engine ranking read our article here.


Create Facebook Groups and start to interact with fans on them

Facebook groups have been designed to communicate with a niche group of people and stay connected to them on any given day. They offer long lasting, productive connections and can definitely generate leads in the long run. Here are a few tips from Social Media Examiner on how best to use Facebook groups to help build your brand.


Use emotion when creating Facebook ads

Yes, that’s right – emotion. Often we just use product push and jargon speak on ads to try and generate leads, but we often forget that just like the olden day television ads, the ads that awake emotion in us stay with us forever. So create Facebook ads that are appealing to your audience emotions and uphold that two-way conversation as much as possible.


Identify and know your audience of one

Audience of one, what is that? It’s a person. It’s every single person that connects with you online, differently. We’re all human and we’re all different – we like to be treated personally and a brand that speaks with respect, care and professionalism always makes a good impression.


Create personalisation within your business

Connect with customers online by personalizing your brand to them, make them feel like they speaking to an expert, with a personality. Try to build conversations with users and make them feel that your brand is about a way of life, not just about pushing products or services.


So the next time you look at connecting with users online, make sure you follow the above steps and try your best to stand out from the crowd with a solid communication and content strategy.


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10 Tips for Connecting With Customers Online

by Alex Baca time to read: 2 min